Bodhinatha's Lectures at Meenakshi Temple and India House

On August 30, Bodhinatha gave a lecture to about 60 guests at the Sri Meenakshi Temple in Pearland, outside Houston, Texas. His presentation was subtitled, "Will There Be a Third Generation?"

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The temple board honored Bodhinatha with a shawl after his presentation. The talk was quite well received, and several people asked mature questions afterward.

This temple, which has been here for decades, feels very much like a traditional Hindu temple. Bodhinatha's lecture was actually in the original Ganesha temple on the property. The newer main structure housing Siva, Meenakshi and Venkateshwara is just like a traditional South Indian style temple.

In the afternoon, Bodhinatha was the chief guest at an event held at Houston's India House, an impressive multi-million-dollar facility. After Senthilnathaswami gave a presentation introducing Hinduism Today and focusing on how Hindus around the world should consider it their own magazine that they can contribute to in many ways, Bodhinatha gave two presentations: one on Unity and Diversity in Hinduism and another on Religion and the Media. The group of about 70 attendees was rapt.

Bodhinatha then presented an award to Mrs. Kalyani Giri, a renowned journalist who has written for Hinduism Today a number of times and continues to do great work for Hinduism in her field. She was speechless! Congratulations, Kalyani.

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