Good Bye Old Minimela

The life of the little office trailer that Gurudeva purchased years ago and had us paint up with lovely designs to create the first MiniMela Visitor Center, has come to an end.

The Siddhidata Kulam is sending him away.

Sadhaka Rajanatha was part of the team that engineered the move. The sadhaka are now wearing khaki colored work clothes. They are a lot cooler…

The new MiniMela is ten times the size, and environmentally green in the bargain.

The little trailer will no doubt re-incarnate in a week or two in someone else’s life to carry on its good work.

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  1. jayshree says:

    Good job Siddhata Kulam.

    Blessed, fortunate person[s] to get the minimela box ~ kind of, one off, one of it’s kind, Laxmi, Sarasvati + Ganesha box from Siva’s garden. I wouldn’t mind it in my backyard.

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