Annual Ayudha Puja Day

Today was the annual Ayudha Puja day when the silpis bless all their tools. Here they are with Bodhinatha after all ceremonies were completed.

It is traditional to bless your vehicle too. Here the mission critical helper, our forklift and a small pressure washer are blessed.

Monks are gathered and admiring the Iraivan Temple main entrance which stands unveiled with scaffolding removed.

Here the first stone of the Nandi mandapam is presented to be chipped on this auspicious day.

The shrine is beautifully decorated with Gurudeva’s picture and that of Goddess Sarasvati who is invoked to bless all the tools

A few minutes earlier, we all gathered as the patrai (black smith forge) to light the fire and this was brought over to the temple and then Bodhinatha performs arati.

Next the silpis mark the stone and each in turn chip away at this, the first of the Nandi mandapam stones.

Next we officially open the entrance of Iraivan…

Bodhinatha breaks a coconut and walks through.

Afterwards, the traditional gifts are made to the silpis.

3 Responses to “Annual Ayudha Puja Day”

  1. vinaya alahan says:

    Aum! Thank you. Beautiful!! I know where to go on the astral plane now. Aum Namasivaya!

  2. Nalini says:

    Aum Namah Sivaya!
    This is a wonderful day!!
    wow, words cannot express the joy this TAKA brings to me and so many souls!!
    Thanks to the silpis and Swami’s!
    Iraivan Iraivan Iraivan!!

    Your all amazing !!Beautiful!

    Love and Light!

  3. G.S.Satya says:

    What a beautiful and auspicious Ayudha Pooja at Iraivan.
    Growing up in India I have experienced many Ayudha poojas including the royal one in Mysore. But, the Iraivan event is just devine,unmatched. John Muir said ” Man can create beautiful things but, cannot match/surpass the beauty of what nature creates”. Well mother nature,our Iraivan temple comes close to you,to be cared by you for ever. Om shanti.
    Om Namah Shivaya.

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