It was a cool dry beautiful day at the Aadheenam. Perfect weather for the work on our new Visitor Information and Library center.

New Minimela Visitor Center Underway

Our new visitor information center and library is progressing finally after several years of working to get everything cleared to proceed. The concrete was poured for the foundation and walks last week and the team has the first floor in place.

Earth works in the area around the center to make sure drainage of water is going the right directions.

Removal of forms along the big walks that goes to Tiruneri.

Jothi Param is here from California. Just in time too! A trained electrician he was able to install this underground electrical box for the new center.

Wall will start going up next week.

Biggest Ganesha in the World?

This picture came from Kulapati Manon Mardemootoo who is in India. He writes: “This Ganesha can be found in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, South India. Could it be the biggest Ganesha in the world?”

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