Yesterday's Tour

Uma Sivanathan bringing guests for the tour and temple puja today.

Each week our circle of friends and well wishers grows. Some have come before and bring friends and family to see the progress. New comers are inspired and carry a message of peace back to their homes and family. Gurudeva’s vision is truly encircling the world.

Koi were developed from common carp in Japan in the 1820s, and are still very popular there as they are a symbol of love and friendship. Koi are sprinkled all through the Aadheenam’s many pools.

Raj and Geetha Rajendran from Texas and Sukumar and Shanthi Pattnaik from Davis, California. They were very helpful on the tour, even telling our guests how to cook Jackfruit!

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  1. ravichandran ceyon says:

    One of the best experiences of a life time!

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