Vel Mahalingum Master of Hardware!

Today is an auspicious day for Vel Mahalingum. He has been serving in the Siddhidata Kulam and was given a truly incredible job to do about 2 months ago.

For the past 40 years the Aadheenam has collected all kinds of “junk” in the shop department. But, in reality as any shop man knows, it is not necessarily junk. One may have 100’s of valuable items all piled into boxes and shelves. Vel was given the job to “sort out all our bolts and small metal parts.”

When he first looked at it he though it was impossible. But he prayed to Lord Ganesha and had the kind help and supervision of Sadhaka Tejadevanatha who guided him along.

Today he complete the job and everything is carefully stored and marked. So of the hardware retrieved from the mass of chaos are such things as very rare case hardened shoulder carriage bolts worth $15.00 each.

He has retrieved literally several thousand dollars worth of using parts, bolts, screw, nuts.

Now if you need something we know right where to get it!

Thank you Vel.

Mikka Nandri! Merci beaucoups!

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  1. Aroulen says:

    Jai Ganapati!
    Vanakam to u all there. Great work brahmachari Vel. Nice to see you. So you teaching the monks french….


  2. varaden says:

    Vanakkam peyap , Nice to see you . Great work you have done . Aum.

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