Jayanthi at the Aadheenam

A joyous jayanthi celebration was held last night in the Sun Palace, honoring Bodhinatha's 67th with song and gifts and more.

One gift came all the way from Singapore, sent by devotees. A travel computer case that is virtually an office on your shoulder. Bodhinatha will get lots of use of this.

A special feast was prepared, and at the end an amazing cake appeared from the kitchen. Sadhaka Nandinatha introduced what he called "A Kauai Red Dirt cake" so named because it is colored with beets and looks just like, red dirt. With a white chocolate icing.

Yum. Sadhaka cuts the first piece for Bodhinatha.

Blurry but telling photos from an iPhone in low light. Here Bodhinatha holds up a pair of sacred sandals, made of Indian Rosewood by Kanda Alahan. With elegant inlays you can barely make out here.

More gifts and more. Each gift was presented by a monk along with a little speech honoring Bodhinatha's eight years on the peedam, honoring the eight disciples of Maharishi Nandinatha, noting one of the eight siddhis of attainment and one of the eight branches of Raja Yoga.

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