Wailua Mission Iraivan Morning

The Wailua mission held their monthly “Iraivan Morning” this month in the Banyan Mandapam outside of Kadavul temple yesterday.

Uma Sivanathan, and two Master Course students, Faith Collier, and Leonora Orr, making jewelry from rudraksha beads

Tandu Sivanathan, Aran Sendan, and and Master Course student, Justice Collier, filling the racks with rudraksha beads to be pressure washed

Some of the items to be blessed at the Temple and then offered for sale in the Mini Mela. Through this seva, the mission has raised thousands of dollars for Iraivan temple and blessed countless pilgrims with rudrakshas that go home with them, carrying the blessings of Lord Nataraja from Kauai back to their lives in the world.

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