Sun Three — The Amazing Siddhidata Kulam

Today our Siddhidata Kulam gave their report. Yoginathaswami shared drawings in progress for the design of the giant teak doors for Iraivan and also the enormous yalli side buttress pieces for the steps on the South end of the Nandi Mandapam of Iraivan temple. His kulam also detailed the wide array of sivathondu they did, taking care of the garden, picking all our fruit and vegetables, taking care of all the equipment and storage of a vast array of tools and supplies to keep the Aadheenam physical infrastructure functioning: 3 road vehicles; 1 farm tracker, forklift, skid steer, 4 utility vehicles, 2 dozen or so air conditioning, dehumidifers and refrigeration units, washing machines, drier, all the electrical appliances and plumping, weedwackers, chainsaws, welding tools and more and more. This on top of the total logistical support for Iraivan temple construction, maintenance of our land and waterways, oversight of building permits, outside contractors… the list goes on and on. The scope of what our Siddhidata Kulam does is mind-boggling and they do a great job! Thank you!


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