Today's Hindu guests and visitors

Our guests today (all visiting for the first time) include -- Ravi Aithal and Shubha Maiya (originally from Karnataka), who now reside in Reston, VA. Also Nalini (previously from Tamil Nadu) and Debrarata (from Orissa) current residents of Los Angeles. All of our guests attended the morning puja and were moved by the powerful darshan of the Kadavul Shiva Temple. Pujas have continued in this beautiful Shiva Temple every three hours, twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year since the temple was established by the Founder and geat visionary, Sat Siva Guru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami over three and a half decades ago.

Visitors in front of the Temple tank (L/R) are Helen Goodman and Leo Gulko, (previously from Kiev, Russia), now longtime residents of San Francisco, CA.; and Lyn and Gary Earp from Kennewick, WA. all enjoying the peace, beauty, and wonder of this blessed spiritual paradise.

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