New Phase — Cultivating Superconscious Intuition

A new phase began today with homa as usual. Below we bring you a short video from the homa. Bodhinatha gave a very inspired upadesha on Gurudeva’s teachings about distinquishing between superconcious knowledge and sub-superconscious intuition. It is through meditation that we can begin to cognize the intuitive state of consciousness and then later recognize his in daily life. Of course it also means we need to do the work to open our awareness, reducing the “noise level” of life to the point where we can actually listen, hear and observe.


Bodhinatha reminded us of Gurudeva’s teaching that:

“Observation is the first awakening of the superconscious mind and this observation is cultivated through abstinence from excessive talk.”

Bodhinatha pointed out that some people chatter on all day long, but everything we say goes into the subconscious and has to be process. If we are talking all the time, the subconscious becomes overloaded. We need silence to process and lower the noise level, then we can be more in touch with our intuitive faculties.

Worshipping God Through Fire

Bodhinatha Leaves for California

This morning a team of three monks flew off to California on a special mission. Here Shanmuganathaswami puts his bags into the car and chats with the sadhakas.

Bodhinatha arrives, ready for the week-long journey, which will include a Iraivan Temple Donor Appreciation event with more than 150 supporters.

The monks all come to offer a flower to the Satguru and wish him well.

Yogi Jivanandanatha is the third traveler. “Bon voyage”

Click here for a slideshow of monks at departure time, coupled with Gurudeva’s wisdom on what to do when you are having problems with money.

God Siva's Temple Blesses and Inspires

Inspired and happy guests today included Dr. Kailash Pande from Phoenix, AZ making his fourth pilgrimage to the Aadheenam. Also Dr. Rakesh K. Singh and Dr. Bhavana J. Dave, both Professors of the Nebraska Medical Center, are here visiting for the first time.

(left) Sahasrananda and Bhaghi Rathy are visiting from Florida for the first time. Present for the morning Siva puja in Kadavul Temple, they found the darshan "absolutely vibrant," and Iraivan Temple "very beautiful in serene surroundings." "It feels like Kailasa." Rishi Kumar Das and Jaya Sri Das felt "it was a blessing to visit and experience the transcendental energy of Lord Shiva's Temple."

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