Gurudeva Arati, Day 3

Day three of 2010, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami Maha Samadhi observances was another rich day full of blessings, all of which have come to us from Gurudeva.

The morning puja was again a simple arati and chanting of Gurudeva’s names.

“Transcending all mutations of form and attribute,
Surpassing all finite measure is the GURU,
An embodiment of the highest wisdom.”

— Yogaswami

“Tis bliss to adore the Feet of the Guru.
‘Tis bliss to consecrate our service to the Guru.
‘Tis bliss to ponder on the words of the Guru.
‘Tis bliss to surrender wholly unto the Guru.”

— Yogaswami

Puja for Gurudeva

Darshan with Bodhinatha

From 9:30 to 10:30 in the morning devotees who request to talk to Bodhinatha have darshan with him. It is a rare moment, especially those who live far away. Niraj Thakar is here from the UK.

Marlene Carter, a Master Course student, from California

Decorations for Tomorrow's Chitra Puja

The high point of the events will be tomorrow morning’s Chitra puja. Kumar Gurukkal is here having come all the way from Maryland.

The priest is winding kumbha pots with colored yarn.

Devotees are decorating Gurudeva’s shrine

left: Dr. Maruthu Dharmalingam from Malaysia, right, Vel Mahalingam, Mauritius.

Puvaneswary Roberts from the Netherlands (originally from Malaysia) shaved her head… she help with making coconut frond decorations.


Gurukkal is an expert!


Kandasamy Gurukkal Arriving at the Airport

Our priest, Kumar Gurukkal arrived last night and was picked up by the Sendan family. He looks bright and full of energy.

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