Monastery Twitter Updates for 2009-11-14

  • The final puja for Gurudeva Mahasamadhi observances is underway. #
  • Namasivaya! The final arati has begun along with all chanting the 108 names of beloved Gurudeva. #

  • Huge rain and the river is at the highest we have ever seen it. Giant trees are shooting over the falls. #

  • Immediately after the final puja, we are hard at work redirecting flood water around buildings, repairing infrastructure. #
  • Lunch time at the monastery. Thunder, lightning, torrential downpours continue to intensify. Still erecting dams, redirecting flood waters. #
  • Pilgrims have all gathered at the heart of the monastery to try to stay dry. It’s a big, happy, sopping wet festival lunch gathering! #
  • Here is a video of the Wailua River in spate right now. It has carved out the pali and created an island. #
  • The landslide on Kuamoo Road was cleared and pilgrims were finally able to drive back down the hill. Many other roads are still washed out. #

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