Varuna Takes Over the Aadheenam

Then mother nature decided to bless us with an amazing site. Thunder and lightening has been going for several days and the rains on the mountain had filled the Wailua River to record levels as Bodhinatha began his morning presentation.

Safe and dry inside, the devotees, learn about the Tirukkural’s place in the modern world.

Outside the river has turned into a spectacular flood and the rain begins to increase all around us. Huge trees are being ripped from the sides of the river and being taken down to the sea. This one got lodged on the edge.

After the morning presentation on the Tirukkural, the next and last event of the day was lunch, but before then everyone got to experience the blessing of water in a very, very big way as the Aadheenam itself began to flood with water from the streams and saturated fields to the north and east…

While watching the river in amazement, our walks begin to rise. Monks are running here and there trying to control the flow water so that it does not flood our publications building which is at the lowest point on the property.

In some places the water has reached 6 inches deep on our path.

On the far right you see the publications building, in imminent danger as the water flowing on the paths is heading straight for it’s front door.

Devotees are happy trapped inside the courtyard having a joyful satsang and fellowship as the rain pours all around.

A diversion has been place to send the water down the stairway to the river and away from the press building.

Meanwhile Rishi Valley stream has risen to completely cover the road to Iraivan.

Iraivan stand majestical and still through the haze of rain.

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