Satsang with Bodhinatha in Melbourne

The hotel room where Bodhinatha is staying is big enough to handle a small group. Amidst the busy schedule Bodhinatha took time out to have satsang and dinner last night with our close devotees in Melbourne.

Deivanaden and wife Selvee Taylemay.

Veylen Kownden and wife Sandiana

Keven Kownden, wife Leena and 18-month-old daughter Kashika.
Deivanaden, Keven and Veylen have been with our Parampara since they were young boys in Mauritius before they moved to Australia and got married.

Ganga Sivanathan, ever ready and helpful with logistics on the ground.

Vasaant Krishnan — son of Sakuntalai Krishnan of Singapore took his brahmacharya vrata that evening.

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