Bodhinatha Arrives Back From Australia

Bodhinatha, Palaniswami and Senthilnathaswami arrived back from Australia at 1:30 PM today. They had a long all night flight from Sydney. The monks are all present to greet the team.

Pada puja at the temple doors

Then aratis for Lord Ganesha, Lord Murugan and Lord Siva to greet the team.

Monastery Twitter Updates for 2009-12-11

    Mihir mans the HAF/Hinduism Today table. Hundreds took the magazines. It was fun to watch them grab and run #

    Opening night at Parliament of the World’s Religions, gathered for musical offerings from each tradition #

    A leading Australian aboriginal played the didgeridoo, moving in and out with the philharmonic orchestra! #

    Our HAF team, Mihir and Suhag, with Sri Ravi Shankar and Kartekeyyan, who invited Bodhiantha to Palani Hills #

    Left: Jewish leader, Kartikeyyan, Sunder our organizer and Bawa Jain, world faith leader who loves Gurudeva #

    The night at the Siva-Vishnu temple, great talks by some highly articulate swamis from India and Europe. #

    Bodhinatha addresses the Melbourne Hindus in a talk that was full of wit and humor and charmed all present. #

  • Back to the present, we had a wonderful ride around Sydney Harbour this morning. The weather was perfect. #

  • Sydney skyline. #

  • The iconic Sydney Opera House. #

  • Palaniswami and Bodhinatha sitting at the port bow, bottom deck #

  • Bodhinatha giving an address to the BAPS Sydney congregation on Gurudeva’s famous words, “Obey your guru.” #

  • The Hindu declaration of climate change made at the Parliament.. (via @PWR2009) #
  • Long overnight flight from Sydney to Honolulu. Now we are about to board our flight to Kauai. #
  • Landed on Kauai #

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