Bodhinatha at the Parliament

One of the major events at the Parliament of the World Religions was the Convocation of Hindu Leaders. Of all the speakers, Bodhinatha was the only one with a Keynote digital presentation. Watch for it soon on YouTube.

Chitra Puja

Chitra puja fell in the evening yesterday.

The evening time the fall before, during and after sunset is called the “pradosham” time of the day and is special for the worship of Siva.

Kadavul temple was pulsing with silent energy and Gurudeva’s presence.

Our team had only arrived from Australia a few hours earlier and it was good to have our Bodhinatha with us for the puja.

Sadhaka Tejadevanatha is our pujari along with Sadhaka Satyanatha assisting.

Monastery Twitter Updates for 2009-12-12

  • Monthly chitra pada puja for Gurudeva begins in a half hour. #
  • Bodhinatha, Palaniswami and Senthilnathaswami are settling back in at the monastery, unpacking, organizing, beginning follow-up. #
    We took Bodhinatha on a cruise of the harbor in Sydney, under the bridge and through a lot of history. #

  • Some have been confused by our slightly unchronological tweeting. We will mention in the future if a tweet is about an event in the past. #

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Sadhu Paksha Wanderings

One of the sadhanas of Sadhu Paksha is to go wandering in the early morning. Gurudeva use to say “wander like a sadhu, be one with nature with no destination.)

Sadhaka Nandinatha went for such a walk, camera in hand. As we approach the winter solstice, this hour of the day is still before sunset and the moon is shining bright in the sky.

Iraivan temple feels majestic in the pre-dawn light.

As the morning sun rose of the trees in the east a light show over river brought a rainbow.

Down Under

You've seen some tweets about our return from Melbourne, and our two days in Sydney, a welcome break after such an intense and productive week at the Parliament of the World's Religions. Here we capture Bodhinatha and Senthilnathaswami in front of the landmark Opera house, with the Sydney bridge peeking out on the left.

Back to Melbourne and the remarkable gathering of some 6-8,000 people (we can't find a definitive number). Just learned that Obama's special team was there to discuss religious matters with the representatives of the major faiths. They especially were seeing understanding of Islam and better ways to

Palaniswami called it a gathering of the tribes, and throughout the parliament groups of Buddhists, Sikhs, Shintoist, Hindus and indigenous peoples marched by, all dressed in their traditional garb.

Sri Ravi Shankar founder of the Art of Living is greeted by Sikh elders.

Back at the ultra-modern Convention Centre (this was the first major event for Melbourne's high-tech hall), some minstrels visit the Hinduism Today booth.

And two Indian dancers join.

At the last minute, Hinduism Today was asked to join a panel on "The Religious Response to Climate Change." Palaniswami surprised everyone a bit by actually giving a spiritual response, urging that leaders not use fear as the chief motivator of change and noting it is a lower-chakra energy. Rather than scaring the world to death, he suggested, let's inspire through compassion, love of the beautiful world around us and knowledge of our duty to the Earth which as borne us all these generations.

Bodhinatha joined to listen. The panelists, who were more political than religious in their talks, did not much appreciate Palaniswami's call, thinking it a bit naive. But others from the audience came forward to say it was an important message that could bring about even higher results. Why did other panelists not like the message? Because it was a bit politically incorrect ("Such ideas have no political traction" the moderator offered). We were supposed to join the chorus and cry, in the name of human survival, for immediate action lest we all die a horrible death.

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