Pancha Ganapati in St. Lucia, West Indies


Master course student Toshadevi, her husband Fremont, daughter Lily and brother Vanore (behind the camera) celebrate Pancha Ganapati in their home in St. Lucia.

Vanore writes:

Namaste Swami,

This is Vanore. I’m sending this email on behalf of my parents to share some photos of our Pancha Ganapati celebration with the monastery. As you may notice, we tried to dress in the colors of the day. Here we are dressed in red and orange.

We thoroughly enjoyed our fourth Pancha Ganapati celebration thus far. It is always so fulfilling for the family to worship Lord Ganesh together at this time of year, though we missed having our sister Velika with us. (We will keep up our shrine until she comes home in early January.) My sister, Lily, and I are especially grateful to Gurudeva for creating this meaningful festival for Hindus. Jai Gurudeva! Jai Ganesa!

Aum Shanti


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  1. sm says:

    the incient pray system of universe was sanatan hindu dharma.lord ganpati pratham pujya god.

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