Peace Pole #2 Installed at Lydgate Park

Over nearly two years of discussion and waiting for county approval the next Peace Pole was finally installed at Lydgate Park. Sadhaka Rajanatha give is a blessing before departing.

Sivakatirswami drove the tractor to the park and the pole was in the truck. Sadhaka Tejadevanatha was our rigging engineer. A few blankets around the center and a strap turned out to be enough.

The team had poured the concrete foundation two weeks before and the stainless steel bracket was already in place.

The pole was made on behalf of the Interfaith Round Table of Kauai.

and down!

A near perfect fit.

Sivakatirswami made this pole using a natural Blue Gum log, cyprus plaques, covered with epoxy. When we poured the foundation we realized it was going into a playground area with little children all around. Swami added a “magical realm” to the pole but embedding special stones that inspire a little wonder in the little ones whose visual world is only three feet above the ground.

We also added a bell and this little girl is delight to ring a bell for peace!

We have to re-do the bell and also add covers for the metal straps below and the installation will be complete. It started to rain shortly after we drilled holes for the bolts and we called it a day. It was our Pancha Ganapati gift to the Kamalani Playground at Lydgate Park.

A formal dedication will take place later.

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  1. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    What a wonderful gift. Thank you dear Swamiji Sivakatirswami and all the monks. Thank you dear Gurudeva for the opportunity and inspiration to better ourselves during this Pancha Ganapati celebration. And thank you dear, dear, Satguru Bodhinnatha for teaching by example and continuing this most important work. Heartfelt love and appreciation to all.Aum Shanti

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