Sun One Begins New Phase

Sun One begins a new phase with homa and Bodhinatha’s talk.

Today’s homa was dedicated to the welfare of all souls who are suffering from the war in Sri Lanka.

Outside after the puja, it is a very still calm, windless day.

Two Swamis Go to India for Short Mission

Arumugaswami and Yoginathaswami are off to India today for 8 days. The main purpose of the visit is for Yoginathaswami to bring over the three new silpis.

It is also timely for Arumugaswami who has some projects underway in India that he needs to work with hand-on.

Today's Pilgrims

A truly beautiful day brought more devout souls for the morning abishekam and puja in the Kadavul Temple.

On the left are Ramachandran Sitarama and his wife Ramya Chakravarthy visiting for the first time from Fremont, CA (originally Chennai, Tamil Nadu). An auspicious day for Ramya; its her birthday today. Raghurama Pai and his wife are from LA (orginally Karnataka) and are both subscribers and avid readers of our international magazine, Hinduism Today.

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