Goodbye Presentation for Six Silpis Returning to India

Tomorrow six of the silpis return to India. At lunch today, Bodhinatha gave them a big thank you and presented each one with a shawl and a special photo album

Each silpi comes forward for his blessing.


The silpis have all purchased video camcorders and gave them to the monks to take video of this moment.

Each of the silpis stands up and thanks the monks for the wonderful stay and care they had during their three years of service.

Video Training Continues

In the Ganapati Kulam, the video training continues for a third day. Today we are working on real projects using the program called “Motion.”

Josh Mellicker introduces us to the new tool box for making motion graphics.

We are working on a template for the opening of Hinduism Today videos, sometimes referred to as “bookends” or “bumper” that shows before the video starts.

This is a classic “OTS” shot (over the shoulder)

We plan to take images of the four denominations of Hinduism and have these move on the screen as an opening to future videos.

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