New Phase Begins

A new phase began today with our homa as usual. It was followed by Ardra Abhishekam at 9 am.

For those following Bodhinatha’s talks, his bhashya on the February Mamsani (meditation of the month) was posted today.

Saravananathaswami performs homa today.

Bodhinatha gave a short upadesha today on Gurudeva’s teachings about the difference between Satchinananda and Parasivam. The former is formless in the sense of amorphous, like water is formless. Parasivam is beyond even that.

Tour Day News

Today was also tour day for this phase with many visitors braving the morning showers. Here are guests on the tour looking at the free literature in the Banyan Mandapam.

The group photo at Dakshinamurti.

Guests gather for the carving demonstration.

Silpis working on the handrailing.

Some of our guests rode out to Iraivan in our people mover.

Local ladies gathering 108 rudraksha beads.

Ashok and Indira Shah from Irvine, California, enjoyed the tour today.

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