Self-God Word Clouds

We took Gurudeva's classical talk "The Self God" and made these three word clouds.

As mentioned earlier, this maps the frequency of words in his talk.

Mind and Self are clearly the most common words. Must and try, power and think, become and find are themes he drew in this masterful work on finding the Ultimate within.

Word Clouds

In producing the quarterly video for Hinduism Today, which is a 10-minutes summary of what's in the magazine, Palaniswami ran across this new web tool. It's called a word cloud.

Click here for more word cloud slides

The software takes text, even a web page, and analyzes it for the number of times a word appears in the text, then it gives a relative size to the word: larger type means more instances appeared in that text.

It's a powerful visual way of analyzing text, to see what it's all about.

These are all different versions of the same text, as the site allows you to choose color, type, orientation, etc.

Want to make your own word cloud? Go to and click create. You can click randomize to have the softward choose the graphics, or tweak it to your liking.

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