Siddhidata Day Activities

One day per week all the monks help the Siddhidata Kulam with various kinds of projects that might include carpentry, gardening, painting and other kinds of construction or repair work. Here is Sivakatirswami oiling some beautiful pine boards for renovation of one of the rooms in our buildings.

Sadhaka Satyanatha is helping to repair the deck of the big mower used on Himalayan Acres. The metal has rusted significantly (a huge problem on our tropical island) and needs to be replaced.

Here you can see that the rusted deck has been removed. He's cleaning loose pieces of rusted metal so that new steel plate can be welded in place.

Riccardo is trying to get the old generator (which was used to power the monastery during the one month electrical outage following Hurricane Iniki) up and running so that we can use the arc welder on the mower.

Sadhaka Adinatha installing new awning next to the workshop.

Sorting pipe and metal left over from previous jobs.

Arumugaswami welding new metal plate onto the mower.

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  1. toshadevi nataraja says:

    Jai Ganesa! nice work! and such great team spirit.Aum Shanti to all.

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