Tour Day, Rain and Rainbow Blessings

Finally after weeks of brilliant sunshine a gentle rain was falling as our guests filed into the Banyan Mandapam.

A spider’s web glistens and all the plants seemed to stretch to catch the precious mist.

Even the Banyan bark was rich red with moisture after almost two months with no rain.

As the guests walk out to Nani Kaua falls a double rainbow arches overhead.

Timing is good as we reach Iraivan to a bright sky above.

This timeless view now greets our guests as they mount the foundation and peer over the rope of the entrance.

Even the cactus garden seemed to enjoy the brief rain.

Finally on our last stop the clouds return and give a gentle blessing to all our guests. Many from cold states remarked that Kauai rain is warm & wonderful. This was a very thoughtful group with many, many questions!

The light rain brought some remarkable rainbows that arched right over the temple.

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  1. Easan says:

    Big crowd !

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