Namaskaram Mandapam Stone

In the center of the area in front of the main sanctum we have the “Namaskaram Mandapam” , literally “The Prostration Hall”. In the center is the magnificent Namaskaram stone. It is a single piece of black granite stone surrounded by red flooring stone. It goes in the center of the four Tara pillars. It is oriented to the North and South direction. It is highly polished and carved ornately to look like a carpet.

This arrived in the recent shipment and was moved into the temple on the 21st, a few days ago.

Traditionally, all regular temple devotee prostrate to the deity at the Kodimaran, outside the temple between the flag pole and the main entrance.

This stone is a special place where the “acharya” or the Guru prostrates.

Acharya here also implies the priest — who is considered the fifth, living Lingam of the Siva temple.

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