New Kitten Hiranya Gets His Own Lodge

A beautiful white kitten with lovely marking recently found it’s way to the Aadheenam. He found himself a niche location under the Siddhidata Kulam office trailer. We called him “Hiranya” or “Snow Bear.”

What to do? We could not send him to the humane society as he would be euthanized. And he had never, ever been hurt or abused by anyone and as such has the most gentle and affectionate manners, completely unafraid of humans. You have to be careful because he will run between your feet as you walk. So, of course we just adopted him. But, we have found it best not to keep male cats inside the buildings. But it is chilly now in Hawaii and it can get very rainy, so the Siddhidata Kulam made this “Hiranya Hotel” — “Snow Bear Lodge” for the new member of our family.

It did not take him long to move into his new home to do what cats do best: sleep 18 hours a day.

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  1. Nalini says:

    So sweet!
    What a lucky Kitty!!
    Welcome Hiranya :o)
    If I was a kitty that’s where I would want to be :o)

    Aum Namaha Sivaya

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