Gurudeva Speaks on Maha Sivaratri

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  1. Greg says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how, having never met Gurudeva, I am impacted by his words and spirit.

    I loved the music too and would like to know the name of the album, if available.

    Aum aum


  2. nalini says:

    Tears Tears Tears of pure love flowing down my face.

    I love you Gurudeva Thank you for being in my life!

    I lOve you!!

  3. Thilagarani Selvaraj says:

    We love you Gurudeva… .

  4. toshadevi nataraja says:

    Jai Gurudeva! so blessed are we to have your simple uncomplicated love.Thank you again and again. Thank you Dear Satguru and all the monks who choose the photos to bless us with. Very uplifting music indeed.Aum Shanti

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