Monastery Twitter Updates for 2010-02-18

Bodhinatha arrives. #

The Namaskaram stone is now being installed. #

Silpis greet the guru as we get ready to install the amazing black stone on which kings & gurus prostrate #

Navaratna is placed. #

Bodhinatha speaks on the event in a short video #

Everyone places some cement. #

In place! #

Lowering in progress. #

Sacraments are given. #

Bodhinatha with silpis. #

Posing with the craftsmen after the installation #

Everybody is happy. #

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  1. Nalini says:

    Wow! wonderful! Magical!

    Aum Aum

  2. Sheela says:

    Congratulations on YET another milestone! And such a beauty-full one at that! Aum AUM

  3. Amma Debora says:

    Congratulations to the sweet silpis for their amazing work – as well as to Yoginathaswami and his team for supervising the achievements on such a wonderful masterpiece!

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