Tour Day

It is always an inspiration to see how open and willing our guests are on public tour day, to create a bridge of appreciation. They come from every conceivable religious and philosophical background and yet the spiritual power of Kauai Aadheenam seems to create discoveries of common ground and understanding.

What might sound rather obscure in a classroom or lecture hall seems vibrant and alive amidst the all pervasive botanical explosion.

That the ancient Vedic Rishis of India discovered something inconceivably sacred at the core of Being . . .

and that these monks are keeping these ancient realizations alive everyday in their meditations seems to land quite peacefully when stated amidst the blooms surrounding us.

Here Amala Seyon talks about fundraising for Iraivan, and the sacred rudraksha trees and seeds to our guests.

Hugging this mighty tree is a healing experience.

In the West, a project the size of Iraivan, would need a large construction yard surrounded by a chain link fence and thousands of dollars worth of the latest high tech power tools.

When we show the guests our “construction yard” the sheer artful simplicity is hard for them to wrap their mind around.

Kandan’s english is improving and he can actually take some questions now!

A new masterpiece now graces the mini mela. Our bronze Iraivan now sits center stage in the mini mela. An opportunity and invitation to sponsor this magnum opus now greets visitors to the mini mela.

How exquisite and remarkable in every detail!

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