A Bright New Sun 1

We begin a new and short phase, of only four days. But how dynamic these four days promise to be! Innersearch preparations, many guests, projects and the essential routine tasks… Bodhinatha, meanwhile, is happily poised at the center of himself and at the center of our lives.

An inspired photographer took this long-exposure shot of the Aadheenam sky, a privilege for monks only (except on Sivaratri night). Siva’s universe is so vast, yet so simple. On the right, you can see all the stars of Orion. The bright star on the upper left is Sirius, a binary system that looks like only one star from earth, but orbiting Sirius-A is no planet but actually… another star, Sirius-B.

Bodhinatha gave a talk this morning, after the homa.

The temple was full. Later, a wonderful group of Sri Lankans had darshan with Bodhinatha. Many photos tomorrow!

Aum Namah Sivaya.

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