Sun Two – Saivite Soul Finds Homeland

Here is Bodhinatha on Innersearch in India.

At home today we were happy to greet Yoginathaswami and Sadhaka Rajanatha who returned from a dynamic nine day journey to India. This was Sadhaka Rajanatha’s first trip to India and he is shining with the darshan of having touched base with the roots of his faith. He was completely overwhelmed and fell immediately in love with the culture and temples of Tamil Nadu. “The darshan in some of the temples was so thick it was like smoke. If it were smoke you would not be able to see. Thanks to Nellaiappan and Yoginathaswami being able to communicate with the priests were able to see the Deities up close. We spend an entire day at Chidambaram. It was incredible!”

It is always a wonderful thing to see what happens when a Saivite soul, born in America, puts his feet on the sacred ground of our Mata Bhumi, Mother India and meets the Gods face-to-face in our holy temples. He says: “I am back, but a piece of me is still in India. It is like I left something there and am still connected.”

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  1. Sheela says:

    Come back soon, Sadhaka! Meanwhile, start learning Tamil. Remember you said you would “speak fluently next time!” I will always remember that glow on your peaceful face! You are an inspiration! Aum AUM

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