Bodhinatha in Tanjavur, Pillaiyarpati, Madurai

April 2nd

Om Sivaya, everyone,

Jai Ganapati.

Morning visit to Brihadeeswarar temple then a drive to Kovilur to visit Kovilur Mutt and it’s head, our long time friend, Nachiappa Gnana Desika Swamigal. We had a good conversation. He mentioned he feels Gurudeva is very close to him and helping him regularly. In the afternoon, we drove to Pillaiyarpati where we had archana to the Ganesha, tea and then a three hour gathering for opening a public library at Pichchai Gurukal’s Veda Agama Pathasala. Picchai Gurukal, as was expected, took time to show us the painting we did for him of the gifting of Agamas. A late drive to Madurai got us to our hotel by 11 PM.


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