Peace Pole Dedicated

Today Earth Day was celebrated at Lydgate Park. The Friends of Kamalani (with Yellow shirts) worked all morning cleaning the beaches of Lydgate, create giant burn piles of wood that recently washed in from sea during a huge storm.

At noon after lunch they joined Sivakatirswami and Sadhaka Rajanatha and Jasmine Schaeffer, Chairperson for the Interfaith Roundtable of Kauai to hold a dedication of the recently installed Peace Pole.

The monks opened with a chant. Kulapati Vel Alahan and Kulapati Deva Seyon were with us.

Jasmine Schaeffer explained the purpose of the Interfaith Round Table of Kauai and its work on Kauai, one of which was to arrange to install these peace poles

Prominent community member John Lydgate whose ancestors were responsible for the establishment of this beautiful park gave a short touching speech saying that the genius of India was its ability to harmonize and synthesize so many spiritual paths and this peace pole was an expression of that synthesis.

Sivakatirswami explained how he felt he should use a tree from Kauai and how he crafted the pole. It then took a year of patient waiting and the help Thomas Noyes and Annaleah Atkinson, who handled the communications with the county departments for approvals to install it on public property.

He then explained that the importance of the peace pole was not those who installed it by the message it carried

“May Peace Prevail on Earth” and he told the story of the modern day Japanese sage who inspired this Universal Message and Prayer: “May Peace Prevail on Earth”

Today, there are over 200,000 peace poles planted all over the world.

We encourage you to go to “”

and be inspired yourself! Plant a Peace Pole and help bring and end to violence in our world!

Swami then led everyone to sing “May Peace Prevail on Earth” while some rang bells and Sadhaka Rajanatha performed arati to the pole.

We were backed up by a marvelous group of drummers the “African Love Tribe”

Before we knew it everyone was singing and dancing around the pole.

We followed with silence.. sending the joy in our hearts up to our heads and out to the world putting a prayer for peace on to the winds to waft from Kauai to places far and wide.

The African Love Tribe then treated everyone to a very inspiring performance, including African chants.

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  1. Sheela says:

    The prayer reached me here at Chennai … as soft, peaceful joy! Beautiful story, thanks for sharing! Aum AUM

  2. Esan says:

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti healing of the human race.

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