Tour day, April 15, Revisited

[yesterday’s posted was actually from a tour day severa month;s ago… here is the actual tour day of April 16th, 2010.]

A beautiful group of souls came for this weeks “public tour day”. With Sadhu Paksha now over the reservations were very strong.

Among our guests this week were the Kauai Pacific Island School children. They are currently studying India and they had many delightful questions! They all had their hands up through most of the tour!

This little Soul had a beautiful little bindu already appropriately fixed upon arrival!

The children’s presence brought the whole group into a state of childhood wonder as they were so excited about absolutely everything!

A special treat arranged by Paramacharya Palaniswami this week was to allow each guest to enter the “Cathedral of the Emperor of Prussia”. A flowering vine of such exquisite beauty that no photo can capture. The experience left everyone in stunned silence.

The children were mesmerized by the silpis and could not wait to get started!

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  1. Esan says:

    “Cathedral of the Emperor of Prussia”. An intriguing name

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