Darshan sessions this phase

Dr. Vijay Janakiraman, from Altoona, PA, visiting with his wife and sister-in-law.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Dasami Tithi, Sun One, Friday, April 23th.

Akkaraju Sarma and his wife Kameshwari, also from Pennsylvania. Dr. Sarma works with the Bharatiya Temple on the Health and Human Services committee. He came to discuss a possible article which would point out opportunities for America's temples to better meet the needs of the Special Needs Group within the Hindu community.

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  1. Akkaraju Sarma, MD. says:

    Swami Bodhinatha: It was a blessing in meeting you with Mrs.Akkaraju Kameswari last week. I was so heartned to note that my ideas expressed on the need of Hindu Mandirs to extend a hand to needy persons, as Temples in traditional India have done from time immemorial found a chord in you. I had written some materials on this subject. I submitted one to Hinduism Today. Once issues like this gets out in your strong print media, like Hinduism Today, others will more than likely look into the issues. A part of these issues have recently appeared in Hinduism Today like issues related to the settlement of Bhutanese Hindus and Diaspora related Hindu Issues. Please continue the valuable role that Adheenam is doing for Hindus in USA.
    Hari Om,
    Akkaraju Sarma
    Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 19006.

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