Sun 2

Sun 2 brought us the powerful Ardra puja of Lord Nataraja. The Aadheenam is filled with vibrant actinic energy.

We hope you like this photo of Bodhinatha, taken at the Natha Sampradaya Monastery in Hardwar, India, featured in the slide show below.

Also note, another talk by Bodhinatha linked today in the side bar.

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  1. arun says:

    Bodhinatha’s picture posted on May 15th is nice too. Just curious:

    1. why does Bodhinatha wear a Rudhraksha mala on his head? Is it because he does a lot of mantra japam and needs to keep his sahasrar cool?

    2. What is a monk’s daily sadhana, apart from all the work they do around the Aadheenam.

    3. The shum meditation is very difficult. Is there an easy way for beginners?

  2. Markandu says:

    Our Majestic Lord of the Universe.
    Lord Sadasiva in form. No other way to say it.
    The truly heavy one is right now, right here for us saying fear not.
    Majestic Saiva Guru.
    May we be fit disciple at your feet.
    Jai Jai Jai.

  3. Markandu says:

    மானுட வேடம் தாங்கும் சிவன்.
    எந்த சந்தேகமும் இல்லை.

  4. adi sankara says:

    Aum….Thanks 4 sharing this wonderful pic. Jai satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami….

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