Salt Lake City, Utah Hatha Yoga seminar participants visit Kauaii Aadheenam

Kim Lynn, standing center of photo, and Scott Moore, back row center, brought a group of twenty participants of a Hatha Yoga seminar on Kauai this week. They are instructors at Centered City Yoga in Salt Lake City, Utah. Upon arrival before heading to their retreat center in Hanalei, the visited Kauia's Hindu monastery for a tour of the grounds and to see Iraivan Temple. They were very fortunate to have a lovely upadesh with Paramacharya Palaniswami. He shared the recent news of the controversy posted on Huffington Post in which Hatha Yoga should be acknowledged for it's Hindu roots or that this is not an important factor for teachers and participants to consider in the billion dollar business that Hatha Yoga has become. Check out the recent post on HPI.

After their tour the seminar participants visited the Mini-Mela gift shop where volunteer host, Kulapati Vel Alahan, took care of sales and answered guest's questions.

Loving Ganesha, the Hatha Yoga flyer and rudraksha beads were among the items our guests purchased to expand their understanding of this ancient health practice.

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