Innersearch Day 2

We begin our retrospective coverage of our innersearch. While we may can bring you photos and highlights it is hard to describe the intensity and energy that was experienced throughout. Each day was “action packed” with both inner and outer excursions, all centered around Kadavul and the Guru Peetham of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery.

Many participants gave testimony at the Aloha breakfast saying that if felt as if the monastery had opened up to bring everyone in to one big spiritual family. It was a satsang of like minded souls that felt like it was occurring in the Devaloka.

Day 2 began with a Siva Homa.

Bodhinatha gave talk to the group afterwards

After the temple activities, everyone adjourned for a quick breakfast and then we were all back in the temple again for the powerful monthly, rahasya (“secret,” because it can never be photographed) Ardra abhishekam of Lord Nataraja. The darshan and shakti of Nataraja all covered with milk and yogurt, with so many devotees present, all of one mind, was an amazing experience, “liquid bliss” powering from the Third World, blessing all the innersearchers.

After the morning Siva puja everyone went for a casual guided walking tour “wandering” around Iraivan and San Marga before lunch.

After lunch Acharya Kumarswami conducted a class at 2:30 on the Preparation for Meditation.

In between events participants had the opportunity to help with our interactive art board, using color chalk to fill in the outlines of art by S. Rajam.

Traditionally Innersearch conducted in Asia or India is fast paced, moving from one place to another. Our Kauai Innersearch was packed with events, sometimes as many as 10 programs in a single day!

We stretched our minds and nervous systems with high intensity input… the Innersearch Way!

After a short tea break. Bodhinatha gave his afternoon class.

Then we were off to the hotel for dinner.

At mealtimes the seating was carefully managed by the monks to keep everyone sitting with someone they had not sat with before as much as possible with one or another of the monks sitting at different tables. Meals were a great chance to ask the swami’s questions, share testimony and make new spiritual friends.

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