Sun One

Sadhu Paksha continues at the Aadheenam. Visitor traffic has been light the past two days. The monks are back to work after a 2-day retreat. Hinduism Today October issue is off the press. Shanmuganathaswami and Bodhinatha are getting for a long across the US and to the Caribbean leaving tomorrow. The Siddhidata Kulam continues to support the silpis are working on the Nandi Mandapam.

The Ganapati Kulam is doing indepth research and development right now on converting books to the ePub format, the whole team is focused on the learning curves, the caveats and the technology necessary to display our books in eReaders. Most ebooks are simple, novel style books with running text. Himalayan Academy publications with their graphically rich content and numerous resource sections are a much bigger challenge to convert.

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  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Looking forward to the Guru’s feet soon at the Nallur Festival in Maryland.
    Anbe Sivamayem.

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