A Virtual Tour

During her long visit to be with family on Kauai, Kavita Mardeemootoo was inspired to use her photographic skills to make a virtual tour of the monastery.

She shot 96 photos which follow a tour her father, Deva Seyon, guided, and later she will write a narration for it.

Following the group of some 175 visitors, Kavita captured what they were experiencing.

He plan is to eventually put this on the website, so people who cannot attend the weekly tour can do it digitally.

In the jungle.

Along the pathways.

Past the bonsais.

Through the world's fast-growing palms.

Into an ancient temple. Oops, that Iraivan, not so ancient, but looking that way from the lime that is seeping from the concrete that was poured to make the roof waterproof. It will be removed later.

Smile, everyone. You're in Paradise.

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  1. Viknesh says:

    Brilliantly vibrant colors of Adheenam. Beautiful.

  2. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Amazing photography Kavitha! Can’t wait to see more..

  3. Eassan says:

    A marvel to the eyes. Many thanks to You All, Beings of Love. The virtual tour helps to share and spread Heaven even more quickly!

  4. Esan says:

    Wonderful perspective and photographic eye !

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