Giant Metal Nataraja in the Making

The October Issue of Hinduism Today has several fascinating articles in the Global Dharma section, as usual. Here is the 22-foot tall statue of Lord Nataraja in the making. This is the wax version which will eventually be turned into solid metal. Read about it in Hinduism Today!

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  1. Ushadevi says:

    Wow!So I guess they are going to need some pretty tall ladders and a team of priests? Gorgeous.

  2. adi sankara says:

    AUM…amazing…let us know more pls….aum

  3. marimaru says:

    aum namah sivaya om namah sivaya!!!!!!!! impresionantemente hermoso!!!!!

  4. Nalini GK says:

    Wow! Beautiful Nataraja!

  5. tinathayalen says:

    wow it’s great…… nama sivaya

  6. Santosh Jadhav says:

    Marvelous craft work…….

    I was stunned!

    Is a unique invention!

    by heart I am fully surrender for this great work

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