Annual Ayudhya Puja

The annual Ayudhya Puja was held today. It was also Sun One and Bodhinatha gave a talk on “Work is Worship” after the homa, as a commentary on the meaning of today’s ceremony in which we bless our tools and express appreciation for the opportunity to fulfill our dharma through our craft and vocation.

Here the silpis begin the ceremonies at the patrai, which is beautifully decorated.

Bodhinatha starts with an arati of camphor and that he drops into the patrai to light the fire.

The silpis add charcoal and crank the blower to fire up the coals.

The coals are then carried in a tray to the temple site.


The tools are blessed. Monks also put their iPhones and iPads on the altar.

The symbolic using of the tools by chipping the stone.

Driving the forklift over the grapefruits

Gifts for the silpis. A joyous day.

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  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    Tools, Iphones, I pads, everyone is happy for the heartfelt prayers by the shilpis.

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