Shoba Selvarajan Discovers Kauai Aadheenam

Shoba Selvarajan, originally from South India, now living in the US, is a software engineer who came to Kauai on business and heard about our monastery and temples. Very happy to be here and sought Bodhinatha’s blessings to have spiritual guidance in daily life.

Palaniswami and Senthilnathaswami Off on Mission

[Sorry for the poor photo!]

Paramacharya Palaniswami and Sannyasin Senthilnathaswami are off on a 7-day mission to the mainland. Their primary target is to attend the Hindu Mandir Executive Conference in Houston, where they will be giving some important presentations. They are putting the trip to good use for other matters: going to an all-day workshop on ePub production conducted by digital publishing expert, David Blatner — ‘InDesign Secrets Live: Beyond Print” then up to San Francisco to touch base with our devotees and other publications related associates in the area and then on to Houston for the HMEC conference. Stay tuned as you can be sure they will be posting news along the way.

Back to Our Jaffna Roots!

Nigel Siva writes from Maryland… saying:

Ganapathi Thunai.


My wife Inpah went to Jaffna and for about a month and returned yesterday. She went to Shri Kumbalavalai Ganesha Temple (that Gurudeva said a lot in His Book “Loving Ganesha”) and also went to the Pasupateeswarar Sivan Koyil in Alaveddy. I am sending you four photos.

The other sweet thing that she did was to bring stainless-steel bowls and plates from Sri Lanka to take food to Satguru and Shanmuganathaswami when they come here for the Nallur Festival at the Murugan temple, and also to any other swamis from your monastery come this way. She really touched my heart by this act; God Siva gave me a sweet wife.

Blessings from Ganesha and Murugan,


The main Ganesha Shrine inside Shri Kumbalavalai Ganesha Temple.

Inpah is here in Alaveddy with her aunt and uncle at the Pasupateeswarar Sivan Koyil that is on the Subramuniya Ashram Land in Alaveddy not far from the Kumbhalavai Ganesha temple. The temple is on the land where Gurudeva started his first mission years ago after meeting Yogaswami. The Subramuniya Ashram buildings did not survive the war, but we still hold the land and have supported pujas at this temple for decades.

Our dear Mrs. Sivayogam, former trustee or Saiva Siddhanta Church, Sri Lanka, passed away a few months ago and the tall lady in the back, Mrs. Padmanathan is the new Sri Lankan Trustee for Saiva Siddhanta Church, Sri Lanka, and oversees the temple activities.

Gurudeva’s picture hangs above the shrine and despite all the challenge of the war, daily puja continues!

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