Day Two at the Diwali Nagar Himalayan Academy booth in Trinidad

Here we have on display, Living with Siva, Dancing with Siva, Weaver’s Wisdom, Know Thy Self and Monks Cookbook

Here we have the HT corner of the booth, with the video playing in the background

Raj Oma Maharaj, owner of the Chancellor Hotel, where Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami stayed while in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Minister of Local Government Chandresh Sharma, and Devesh Maharaj(lawyer) as they visited the booth tonight. All three are subscribers to HT.

2 Responses to “Day Two at the Diwali Nagar Himalayan Academy booth in Trinidad”

  1. Peer Thanesh says:

    Please try to understand the true religion. Try to do research on the religion which you believe. If you find any tiny error then that religion is not true. Try to find the true. Peace is on that religion….

  2. Suravi says:

    Jai Jai – So much gratitude to Maharaj devotees of Trinidad for extending such open hospitality to our visiting Guru and Swamis.

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