Skanda Shasti Day

Today is the Skanda Shashti and this evening we have our annual Muruga homa and abhishekam.

Meanwhile the Ganapati Kulam report on their activities today. Palaniswami has been busy getting ready for his trip with Bodhinatha to India. Kumarswami has been working on our monthly monastery newsletter and other publishing projects for Hinduism Today future issues. Arumugaswami has been working across the river on the Kalepa land (see below) with Sadhaka Satyanatha. Sivakatirswami has been working on the production end of the January issue of the next issue of Hinduism Today, getting it off to the printer and doing daily TAKA. Senthilnathaswami has been working on various video’s, shooting Bodhinatha’s Publisher’s desk for YouTube, porting some of Bodhinatha presentations from Keynote to a movie format by syncing audio tracks.

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  1. marimaru says:

    om sarabanavaya namaha!!!!!! shante shante shante.

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