Monastery Twitter Updates for 2010-11-27

    Members and student hold a padapuja in Singapore. Dohadeva and Bhani preside beautifully. #

    On behalf of all Sivakumaran offers the satguru a gift: it's an iPad cover designed to look like wood. #

    Dohadeva shows the final arati. Members shcnted Natchintanai throughout. #

    Afterwards all enjoy Bodhinatha's summary of his travels in India, projects pushed forward & people met #

    A full day of karma seminars in S'Pore, Bodhinatha gathers everyone for a farewell. More details tomorrow. #

  • Video of our publisher presenting Sri Gopal Sharan Devacharya with the Hindu of the Year Award in Delhi last week. #
  • Video of our editor-in-chief explaining the relevance of the Hindu Renaissance Award to Sri Swami Gopal Sharan's work #
  • Donations to our Digital Dharma Drive are picking up. You can help us reach our goal by December 31. #
    Each one was eager to learn how to harness karma, resolve karma, not create unseemly new karmas. #

    The Karma Klass focused on 13 questions asked by Singaporeans. He first asked them to answer the question. #

    Dawn in S'pore as Bodhinatha leaves the final elevator, headed 4 Japan & Hawaii. Sleep on the plane tonight. #

    Singapore members take the travelers to dinner. Bodhinatha had a table with the youth & Palaniswami with… #

    A complete booklet on karma was prepared for each participant, giving secret insights into the mysteries. #

    Informal moments with the satguru, more precious than gold (even at $1,400 an ounce). #

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