Yesterday's Tour Day

Very bright souls today on our public tour! Ganesha held back the rain until the last minute of the tour. “Ringing that bell does work” we heard one guest say. (We always ring Ganesha’s little bell before we start and ask for fair weather if possible!)

The silpis are almost at the end of tenure on Kauai. They have become like part of the family here -- so bright and happy to greet the guests and demonstrate their love of carving.

We catch two humble karma yogis in action. Tandu and Toshadeva are so dedicated to bringing Rishi Valley into full bloom by planting hundreds of baby Alamanda.

It is simply astounding how Bodhinatha can step off a plane after traveling around the world, take one little afternoon to rest up and then be back to his relentless service!

Walking away with a Trilogy -- personally signed by Bodhinatha, is the optimum blessing and guaranteed to change the life of our pilgrims.

The trilogy is so heavy we offer free shipping to our tour guests so they don’t have to worry about weight limits when they return to the airport. A truly inspiring day.

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