December 2010 Ganesha Homa Spiritual Park Mauritius

This is our last Ganesha Homa for 2010 at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius which was as usual attended by thousands of devotees from all parts of the island. This ceremony has become a serious reference for Ganesha worship in Mauritius.

This Sunday, bhajans are led by sishya Nanda Thungavelloo assisted by Ananda.

A pious group of ladies inside the Ganesha Mandapam.

Intense worship at the Sivalingam.

On this Sunday the devotees could not go down the river to collect water for Siva Abhishekam as works are in progress on the extension of the waterfront. A safety filter protected visitors.

Our dedicated team taking care of offerings at the small Ganapati shrine….

Devotees lined up to worship at the Dakshina murthi. Plans are in motion to cover this area with a beautiful concrete Pavilion soon.

Another team of ladies taking care of offerings at the main Ganesha Mandapam…

Youth sishyas, Sivarathna Manick(right) and his sister Jambalini on the Mandapam steps…

Two guests from Malaysia, Venilla originally from Mauritius and her daughter ….

Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati always mystically overseeing all the activities going on at the Park….

The four Kulapatis officiating the ceremony…

This Sunday thousands of written prayers were sent into the sacred fire.

Kulapati Manon thanking the devotees for continuously supporting the many projects at the Spiritual Park, before going into one of Satguru Bodhinatha's Veylanswami's Talks.

Sishya Logadassen selling copies of Hinduism Today at the HA Booth.

This team is taking care of filling blessed fruits and sweets in small plastic bags to be later distributed to devotees at the end of the ceremony.

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