Hitesvara Saravan on the Importance of Our Digital Dharma Drive

My quest for Truth opened like the unfoldment of the lavender petals of the ajna chakra to bring into view the Lotus Feet of Siva, who is Gurudeva, who is Bodhinatha, when I typed "Hindu" into a computer in 1997 and up sprang Gurudeva.org. I had returned consciously in this lifetime to Saiva Siddhanta, albeit in a Western body. The bondage of the ocean of tears became the freedom of the ocean of mercy. Each morning I link through TAKA to all the wisdom and guidance I need through the blessings of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. TAKA brings to light Lord Siva's anugraha shakti. It provides a living, flowing, stream of higher consciousness, a doorway to our soul. Bodhinatha's compassion is boundless and we are truly afforded the opportunity to be in oneness, through prapatti, with the Nandinatha Sampradaya and with the renunciate sannyasins of Kauai Aadheenam as we are held by Siva's grace in Bodhinatha's loving hands. TAKA brings us into a singular consciousness as a Hindu family from every corner of our planet to the place where Siva walks the Earth, where amrita flows freely, to the gate of the San Marga, the straight path to God. It is an honor for us all to be given the gift, the ability, to support this invaluable resource as we are buoyed up by it daily in our journey together toward merging with Siva.

Mr. Hitesvara Saravan, Keaau, Hawaii &#10

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  1. eleni/anjali says:

    So beautifully stated! I have only been on this Path for a year, but I agree with every word you have written. Thank you!

  2. David Lippmann says:

    That was so beautiful!!! I agree one hundred percent. Thank you!!!

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